Life Coaching ( replace mentorship) Embarking on a transformational journey with Khanyi as a certified Executive and Management Coach helps clients tap into their inner power. With the blend of the wisdom of a business executive, a mountaineer's courage, and a marathoner's resilience, Khanyi guides clients towards self-realisation, overcoming challenges and attaining self and professional achievements. Her coaching approach allows clients to realise that the power to grow and evolve is already within them.

  • Category: Life Coaching
  • Duration: 00:60 Hours
  • Address: Johannesburg, South Africa (Map)




What to expect:

  • Guidance on how to tap into the inner self in order to find solutions for life and career challenges
  • Develop problem skills through application of inner strength and power
  • Learn how to build capability to manage difficult working relationship 
  • Guidance on how to navigate through different levels within for career advancement  
  • An opportunity to be listened to with empathy and compassion